5 Ways to Finance All Your Trips

For a true traveller, the world is more beautiful than anything else. And while the likes of these, including me, are ever ready to hit the roads, money is one obstinate road block. While I have a stack of travel magazines by the cupboard and a ready-to-travel rucksack tucked under my bed, finances often go haywire. Over the years, after going broke many a times, I think I’ve pretty much succeeded in summing up a help list. If you, too, see roads and headlights in your dreams, here’s help –

1. Award Yourself Some Travel Allowance

While we take away portions of out salary for rent, savings, petrol and other essentials, we often skip travel. For us nomads, travel too is an essential, and if we save just a small portion of our monthly salary for trips, we are pretty much sorted. So when you draw the budget plans for next month, do add a tab of Travel Allowance to it. Trust me, it’ll let you have a trip every three months if not every month.

2. Off From Branded Apparels’ Shopping

If you ask me, a traveller needs a maximum of 4 pairs of clothes on a trip. Plus, there’s laundry service even in the budget hotels. Add to it the fact that people hardly notice the brands that others might be wearing on tours. Though your ranking in the social circle back at home might go for a spin, you can always flaunt the postcards from your tours! It’s better than flaunting a Zara or a Vuitton.

3. Choose Homestays

While luxury hotels are preferred by many, things are changing fast. With travellers getting smarter, homestays are calling big time. The internet has contact details of homestay options of almost all the places on the Earth, and a budget travel plan is usually just a call away. In addition to saving a chunk of money that can help you travel more, homestays are an experience in their own right, often letting you have a slice of the life of the place. So the next time you go backpacking, don’t forget to camp at a native’s place. It’s intelligent travelling.

4. Purify Water Yourself

Though I admit that drinking purified water is a must on trips, it does not necessarily means buying bottled water at every nook and corner. If you take a closer look at the expnses you incur while travelling, you’ll find that bottled mineral water makes for a chunk of it. You can either use Steripen, a device much in vogue now, or just boil the water for 15-20 minutes. Staying safe doesn’t always means spending more.

5. Join/Form a Travel Group

While travelling alone is at the zenith of every traveller’s wishlist, it’s not always feasible. Join a travel group or make one with the travel buffs that you know of to cut down on costs. It can help divide the trip expenses and is a safer bet if you are keen to sail to new territories. But yes, do make sure that you do the background check of the individuals of the group before hopping on the trip.

So while the caravan zooms off into the distance and trees whizz by, just let the financial roadblock go for a toss. A traveller fears nothing more than being holed up. Here’s your passport to more adventures and crazy tours; come out of the hole nomads.

Johnetta Bernard

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