Cuba – Exceeding Expectations

Cuba – uniquely Caribbean yet a unique cultural beauty spot that offers so much more than golden beaches, palm tipped shores and crystal blue sea. Venture inland and experience colonial Spanish architecture at its best with well preserved grand squares where locals congregate and celebrate to the intoxicating sway of salsa. This country beats its own tune and the character that it exudes on every corner. Sit back and smoke cigars or down Mojitos in what is undoubtedly one of the cultural delights for those wishing to experience unique cultural diversity in an antiquated way which exists primarily due to the eccentricities of Fidel and the US imposed sanctions. The city is attracting a huge number of visitors who wish to experience the best that the Caribbean has to offer yet offers a cultural dimension intoxicating to many.

The island itself is over 1200 Kilometers long with a varied coastline that offers lots of inlets, bays and golden white sands. The island was originally discovered by Christopher Columbus and given its political isolation from the United States for over 30 years the country has been protected from mass consumerism and still retains its colonial charm.

The capital of Cuba and the most famous of them all is Havana. Decadent, grubby and rather dilapidated, this city exudes an intoxicating energy, delighting all those who visit. The best time to travel to Havana is between November and March although this is peak time and you will find Havana busy at these times of year. The single best thing about a trip to Havana is the fact that your holiday will prove to be thoroughly relaxing, the locals are friendly and helpful and despite the difficult social challenges that Cuba faces and the financial difficulties that many people face, it is a very safe destination to visit and the charm of the local populace is a tribute to the Cubans. Sit back and sip your choice of Cocktails, or taste some of the local culinary delights where the cuisine is second to none. The real fun begins after dark where you can dance and romance the night away. Travel to Havana if you are looking to experience a unique and fun filled holiday.

Another suggestion on visiting Cuba is to take a trip to Trinidad which has been awarded a UNESCO World heritage site; again this city has remained unscathed from modern tourist developments and to this day retains its colonial charm with cobbled streets, tranquil plazas and old pastel coloured houses that offers those who visit an insight into times gone by. Trinidad is located close to some of the best beaches in Cuba while also providing easy access for all those who wish to visit the majestic mountain backdrop, beautiful waterfalls and the surrounding countryside which is very scenic.

For all those who are now intrigued by Cuba holidays, this country will exceed most traveler’s expectations by offering something different yet sultry.

Johnetta Bernard

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