How to Save Money When You Are at Your Destination

Below are some money saving tips you can apply at your destination. Whether you are away for business or pleasure these tips will help you save while still enjoying all that the destination has to offer.

Tip 1: Travel second class: If you don’t mind roughing it a bit, travel on second class buses and trains. You will save money and get to experience the “real” local culture and a few chickens in the overhead luggage rack.. It’s not too bad either. We have done a 12 hour over night bus trip with our three children (ages seven, five and three) from Khon Kean to Chiang Mai in Thailand and made it through relatively unscathed!

Tip 2: Cut back on the beer: When travelling most people drink more than they should. Cut back on the number of drinks, and you will save a few dollars each day. Good though when the water is dodgy, as the alcohol will kill most bugs. Well that’s our excuse anyway.

Tip 3: Accommodation (fan versus air conditioning): Depending on the season you may not need air conditioning. Do your research and find out if you can get away with a cheaper “fan” room.

Tip 4: Buy your visas at your destination (where available): There are many countries where you can buy your visa when you land. The visa is generally cheaper than buying it at home. Double check with a travel agent first, to make sure that you won’t be turned away as soon as you arrive! For example, Russia, you must have a letter of invitation to accompany a visa.

Tip 5: Use the bus instead of a taxi: If you are travelling to an area with good public transport, use the bus or train instead of a taxi. Again, you will save money and experience the true culture.

Tip 6: Traveller Cheques: Many places offer a flat fee per cheque. Therefore it makes more sense to get 10 cheques of large amounts, rather than 20 or 30 cheques of smaller amounts.

Tip 7: Research the exchange rate daily: Keeping an eye on the exchange rate will help you get the most value out of your home currency.

Tip 8: Head to small local stores: You will be amazed at what bargains you can find in these stores.

Tip 9: Set a daily holiday budget: Few people set budgets at home, even less set budgets when they are travelling. Set out a budget, work out what you want to spend each day, and avoid coming home and finding a huge credit card bill at your door! Sorry that means if you’re half way through the theme park and your daily limit is exceeded, sorry kids we’re packing up and heading home. Rules is rules!

Tip 10: Walk, walk and walk: The best way to see a city is often to walk. Take a day out just to walk around the city or town and see what sites you can find.

Johnetta Bernard

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