Hurghada Has Everything For A Sunny Recreation

World-famous resort, Hurghada, is located in Egypt, 530 km from Cairo and 290 km from Luxor. Founded in the 20th century, it was a small fishing village just recently � but nowadays, this place is one of the principal Red Sea resorts as well as the international centre for water sports. There are no rivers flowing into the Red sea, and it is the warmest, the cleanest and the clearest sea in the world, thanks to which rich flora and fauna inhabits it (including variegated coral reefs and numerous unique fish of all shapes and coloures). Nature produced all the necessary conditions for windsurfing, sailing sports, swimming, deep-water fishing and, of course, diving. Special boats are also very useful for those who want to see rare fish species and reefs, as there are windows equipped in them. Thanks to its favourable climate, lots of tourists from America, Europe and Arabic countries are attracted to the place all year round.

Nowadays the territory of Hurghada consists of three main centers and numerous tourist villages that are united in a single whole. In the north, there is Ad Dahar town found, where half of Hurghada citizens live and most expensive and luxurious hotels and restaurants located. In the southern part there are Sigala and New Hurghada situated with all the amenities to fit any taste.

In Hurghada, you will find a wide range of hotel complexes with high level of service offered. Restaurants are located close to main arterial roads. Among the most popular tourist attractions here are museum and an aquarium with full collection of green and animal world from the Red Sea. Modern Hurghada is also famous for its vim of nightlife. When the dusk comes, not only local youth, but people of all ages hurry to nightclubs and bars that adjoin luxurious and more unpretentious hotels.

Hurghada is also a beach resort thousand of Europeans and their families come to in order to enjoy the sun, sea and golden sands. Hurghada hotels stretch for 20 km along the beaches and offer such a diverse programme that tourists even have no need to go outside the city to get the most of their leisure time. You are also likely to find a sports ground, a zoo, discos, bars, several hotels and even large theatres on the hotels� territory.

Despite developed infrastructure, Hurghada is still in the process of building up. New hotels, restaurants and other buildings are regularly founded here. The city is situated in a lively Red Sea tourist zone. There are such resort cities as Safaga and Soma Bay (south) and El Gouna (north) found not far from Hurgahada. These resort territories offer everything for tourists to spend a good time here � from loud holidays, golf and bowling courts to isolated territories for diving and fishing.

Many picturesque islands are located in Hurghada suburbs, offering an excellent rest and entertainment programme to their visitors. Thus, on the Giftun island you will enjoy diving, fish barbecue, Red Sea world from a submarine, stroll along local boutiques, have rest in a luxury hotel and make a camel or jeep excursion.

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